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ZAO “SPKB Techno” (CJSC) is a Russian manufacturer of cable and wire products, located in the city of Podolsk, Moscow Region.

Our factory has a specialized cable production, highly qualified specialists, scientific and technical and testing facilities. The company has implemented a quality management system GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008).

Our factory is engaged in development and setting on mass production of cable products for industrial and civil construction, oil and gas industry enterprises, energy, metallurgy, aviation industries, as well as enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

The basic principles of our company are the ultimate satisfaction of the clients' needs, fulfillment of all obligations to the customers, individual approach to each client, flexible system of discounts, a wide range of cable products, technical assistance, etc.

Having gone a long way since its foundation in 1960, today our enterprise is a strong, stable and constantly developing company with modern and highly efficient production facilities fitted with the latest equipment made by the world's leading manufacturers – companies, such as “NIEHOFF”, “MAILLEFER”, “OTOMEC”, “SIKORA”, “NOVA”, “HF EDER”, “ROSENDAHL”, “MARIO FRIGERIO”.

Being one of the leaders of the domestic cable industry, for decades ZAO “SPKB Techno” (CJSC) has been successfully coping with a challenging task of ensuring high quality standards of the output products.

This is achieved by a combination of factors such as complex and systematic approach to the production process, aimed at constant improving of the technological level of manufactured cable products, the use of modern equipment and high-quality materials, as well as skilled work of experienced and dedicated staff of the company.

And for many years, knowing our capabilities and professional approach to business, various new organizations and enterprises choose our company as a reliable partner and supplier.

Our company is always open for cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions and offers to the customers the perfect quality of products at the best price.

The range of products produced by ZAO “SPKB Techno” (CJSC) includes:

  • fire-resistant cables for fire protection, security, control and management systems;
  • fire-resistant cable lines;
  • fire-resistant symmetrical cables for the industrial interface RS-485;
  • interface cables for the Fieldbus Foundation industrial protocol (FF-844 H1, IEC 61158-2 TYPE A);
  • flexible fire-resistant cables for the transmission of analogue and digital signals in industrial safety systems, systems of automatic equipment and electronics, control and management;
  • installation twisted-pair and twisted-triad cables, unit-type cables for industrial safety systems, systems of control and management;
  • cables in armored, cold-resistant and oil-and-petrol resistant executions;
  • radio-frequency cables;
  • cables for structured cabling systems;
  • cables for communication, signaling and control systems;
  • fireproof power and control cables with insulation made of silicone rubber;
  • cables for systems of video surveillance;
  • various heat-resistant wires.
  • Our company has carried out a large-scale projects concerning sale and delivery of products for civil and industrial construction.

Cooperation with our company will allow you to get the following:

  • high quality of products;
  • wide range of cable products;
  • technical assistance and advice;
  • finished goods warehouse;
  • reduction of time expenditure and money costs;
  • development of cable products according to your technical requirements.
  • In addition to it, our company develops and produces a wide range of tools and equipment for cables and wires production.

We suggest you to learn the highest quality of our products at first hand and to make sure of how comfortable it is to work with us. Let the professionals produce the equipment, cables and wires for you and










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