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JSC SPKB Techno is one of the first Russian manufacturers of making fire-resistant cables for systems of security and fire alarm systems, systems of safety and telecommunications. Аnd today it is the leader in overall production of such cables.
JSC SKPB Techno produces fire-resistant cables that are capable of functioning in an open flame within 180 minutes, cables (marked with abbreviations FR-180/LS/HF ) with low fume and gas emission, halogen-free, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, power fire-resistant cables, heat-resistant wires and also cables and wires of common industrial use.


JSC SPKB Techno earlier known as a Podolsk branch of the All-Soviet Union Scientific Research Institute of Cable Industry was established by a special Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 637-258 of June, 18 in 1960 as a Special project and design department of micro wire and equipment experimental technologies.
Initially SPKB worked on creating technologies and equipment  for receiving  winding micro wires in cast glass insulation made of copper, silver and other metals providing working capacity in the range from - 60˚С to +500˚С.
Hundreds of cars of the PGZ type were let out on many plants of the USSR in cooperation with On the basis of design development.  Also, using the facilities of SPKB various devices of quality control of the enameled and winding wires were developed and let out.
From 80th till the present time SPKB is developing and creating lines of a wire galvanic covering with nickel, tin, silver, zinc, gold and other metals.
In 2000 a branch of VNIIKP (All-Russian institute of research, design and technology of the cable industry) – SPKB – was transformed to JSC SPKB Techno. Until 2008, when the country and the whole world came through difficult period, «SPKB Techno » was actively engaged in the process of modernization of production - the company has managed to buy new equipment and the latest development of foreign samples.
In 2004 the first production line of silicone rubber was launched and production of fire-resistant cables for systems of security and fire alarm system, systems of safety and telecommunications, demanding pure transmission of digital or analog signals, was started.
Certainly, the crisis has had an effect. Nevertheless, JSC SKPB Techno feels confident in the market and continues to work. Time has shown that the people, who weren't ready to overcome difficulties, dropped out on their own. Today the staff of the company сonsists of specialists and professionals (150 people) who aren't afraid of difficult challenges and are ready to work together as a team.


■ The leader of the Russian market in terms of overall production of fire-resistant cables for systems of security and fire alarm system, systems of safety and telecommunications.
■ One of the first plants to receive the Russian certificate for a new fire-resistant cable with low toxicity of combustion products Ltx, which, in compliance with GOST 53315, is necessary for the construction of social buildings.
■ The plant has a recommendation from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia (the letter dated 23.10.2009 № 19-2-16-6572 about the use of fire-resistant cables produced by JSC SPKB Techno).
■ Own design bureau to develop new types of cables in close cooperation with the All-Soviet Union Scientific Research Institute of Cable Industry.
■ Full cycle of its own production.
■ Modern equipment of leading global manufacturers (NIEHOFF, SIKORA).
■ Quality control of all finished products (100 %).
■ Only materials, that do not contain lead salts (The European environmental standard), and organosilicon rubber of leading European producers are used.
■ Individual packing of bays characterized with convenient measurement length (200 meters) with elements of anti-counterfeiting.
■ Convenient dealer network in the regions of Russia.
■ Promotion of new security technologies to the Russian market.








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