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Cold-resistant cables

Oil-resistant cables

Armed cables for fire safety systems and industrial automation

Low-toxic cables for social objects

Highly flexible cables, Ultra flex cables

Cable products for aggressive environments (this is fluoroplastic and polyurethane)

Fire resistant fiber optic cables

Fireproof cable trays

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We are open for cooperation with the customers around the world. We accept orders for manufacturing special cables according to customers technical requirements and may consult you with the implementation of our special cables. Feel free to contact us.

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CJSC "SPKB Techno" - is one of the first Russian manufacturers who started to produce fire resistant cables for security and fire alarm systems, telecommunications and has become a leader in terms of production.

It is one of the first companies who granted a certificate for the new fire-resistant cables with low toxicity of combustion products Ltx, which is required for installation in social buildings, in accordance with GOST 53315.

CJSC "SPKB Techno" produces fire-resistant cables with serviceability for 180 minutes when exposed to an open flame, with abbreviations FR-180/LS/HF, low smoke and gas emissions, halogen free, frost-resistant, heat-resistant, flame-resistant power cables, thermoresistant and also wires for general industrial use.

since 1960
500 people
Quality system
ISO 9001
Recommendated by EMERCOM of Russia

Letter No. 19-2-16-6572 dated 23.10.2009 on the use of fire-resistant cables CJSC «SPKB Techno»

Our own full production cycle

Quality assurance of all our finished products (100%)
Unique design capacity
>10 000

cable producing per year

Modern facility

supplied from leading manufacturers (NIEHOFF, SIKORA)

New developments

The own design bureau of the SPKB is actively developing new special cables, including custom-made cables in close cooperation with the All-Russian Research Institute of Cable Industry

Safety packaging elements

Individually packaged cable
bays in a convenient footage
by 200 meters


Packaging into plastic
to protect from the outside


Sealing the package for additional
counterfeit protection


Serial number on the firm tag
which helps to check the
product's authenticity

Quality certificates

The Certificate of Conformity GOST R ISO 9001:2008

The Certificate of Conformity GOST R ISO 9001:2008

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